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Our fully modern, BRC approved factory is located in the centre of Ireland and gives us immediate access to prime quality cattle. We have the capacity to slaughter 250 cattle a day in our plant and this is done operating under the strictest hygiene within a fully auditable structure, ensuring full and confident traceability on all produce leaving our business.

Our beef is hand-picked by Bernard Troy, who uses his years of experience and knowledge to select the best and only the best, from our own farm and from farms locally. This is of great benefit as we can guarantee the quality of our final product follows through to the final consumer who, at the end of the day, has the final say


Farm to fork and animal welfare are huge at Troys and we understand that to produce quality meat products, the most important thing is its source, and that’s why we feed our own prime heifers in a calm, relaxing environment.

We have a strict animal welfare policy for animals entering our plant and this is why we source from local farms so we can be certain our standards are met. If you are interested in providing us with cattle, please contact Bernard Troy for information.


Our skilled team of experienced butchers work in our brand new, state of the art boning hall which was opened in 2018, producing enough tonnage per day to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Production is constantly monitored by a member of our Quality Control team to ensure we are operating to the highest standards possible to produce the best products possible.


Our purpose-built dry age fridge enables us to cater to the top high-end restaurants and hotels in Ireland, the UK and Europe. We dry age loins and ribs for the premium market.

The meat selected to enter the dry aging process has a certain level of fat cover which produces its distinct flavour, and because we slaughter heifers, the end product is always tender.


We are dedicated to delivering a high level of service for all our customers. Great care is taken every step of the process and our committed team is always on hand to ensure all our customers expectations are not only met but exceeded.

We cater for high end butcher shops, restaurants and processing facilities all across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Our products are delivered throughout Ireland within 2 days of ordering and orders for the UK and Europe leave our factory multiple times a week. The relationships we have with our customers are deeply valued by us and we will always try to accommodate your requests.

We offer a selection of Irish fresh, boneless, vacuum-packed beef and more. For more information, please contact us. We are always looking forward to creating new customer relationships and sharing our passion for meat with a personal touch with you.


If you are a new customer, please call us on +353 44 922 3190 to speak to our sales manager, James Troy, or send an email to