In 1978 Bernard Troy established his butcher shop in the rural village of Tyrrellspass in County Westmeath in Ireland. During this pre-supermarket era, the butchers was a daily stop for every household and was a staple in the Irish way of life. For years, he provided satisfied locals with high quality meat products and his expertise, being at the heart of the community.


His humble beginnings paved the way for our future; in 2000 Troy’s expanded from a traditional butcher shop to a full-service abattoir based on the family farm in Dalystown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. While we grew, our values stayed the same and we are dedicated to producing only the best for all our customers, both near and far.

Many of the fine Irish steaks served in restaurants around the country come from cattle  reared on the Troy family farm and from our neighbouring farmers, giving us a strong role in the local agricultural community, while also ensuring our quality and traceability remain unmatched.


Our business has grown steadily but we have retained our butchering heritage by continuing to produce quality primal cuts for restaurants, premium butchers, and food producing sectors, in addition to operating our abattoir.